Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are essential to have a healthy body and the renal disease that occurs due to problem in the kidney is called nephropathy. It is an impairment of kidney due to various reasons resulting in the occurance of diseases. This causes the inflammation in the kidneys affecting the body functioning called Nephritis. Inflammation can be cured by blood tests. There is also non-inflammatory problem of the kidney developing into a disease called Nephrosis. Nephritis and Nephrosis are part of syndrome of renal effecting kidney health respectively. This will affect the kidney in such a way causing a loss of kidney functioning and it can also result in total kidney failure which will result in the losing the kidneys to function. This is of two types as follows:

a. Acute Kidney Disease
Acute kidney disease is a sudden occurrence of failure of the kidneys and they are unable to filter the waste that is present in the blood that follows within a few hours or a few days once the treatment has been done the kidneys to bring back right balance of fluid in the body.

b. Chronic Kidney Disease
This is the slowly losing the function of the kidney resulting in a gradual failure of the kidneys.In the early stages of the chronic disease you will experience some symptoms after that it will affect the kidney functioning significantly making the kidney impaired. Some of the problems developed like anemia, high blood pressure, nerve damage, weak bones and poor dietary health.

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